After a long Hiatus, Thin Handsome Smoker is back. Time to class it up...

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You know, Thin Handsome Smoker may have been gone for a couple years. Maybe you felt, well, alone. No doubt, we understand. We missed you. We longed for you and thought about you. But sometimes we all need to "disappear" until the heat is off. Sometimes the pressure gets to be too much and you've just got to grab some nuts and take a seat by the pool and sip on some scotch and hold'm steady till the bullshit rolls on by.

So, if you've been here before, well, it feels great to have you back. You're looking confident and sexy. You smell and look like somebody just dropped a million bucks on you...and jump caught it.

And, if you're new...welcome.

In 1998 this wonderful place was established with a few key things in mind. Comfort, Style, Sensuality, and Smoke. So hey, you cool customer, have a look around and get to know some of our cocktails, our smokers, and don't forget to check out your horoscope.